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IP Connection

Access to management console and API can be restricted by IP address.

Adding an IP Connection

  1. Click the account name on the top right of the management console screen. Select the "IP connection settings" from the menu list.

    IP Connection List

  2. Click "add" button.

    IP connection(add)

  3. Input the below items.

    Item Mandatory Explanation
    IP Connection Address Yes Input the IP address of the client connects to API or management console.
    Access Permit Yes Check the function which allows IP connection.
    Manegement Console:Access to Management Console
    Management Console API:Access to Transactional Email API
    Mail Server API:Access to Email Sending API
  4. When you click the "save" button, IP connection will be added.


When you register the IP connection, access restriction will be valid and It will give access permit to registered IP only. If the IP connection is not registered, access restrictions will be unvalid for IP connection.

Editing IP Connection

  1. Editing dialog will be displayed when clicking on the IP connection.

    IP Connection(Edit)

  2. You can edit the items that can be inputted. Click the "save" button after you finish editing the items.

Deleting the IP Connection

  • When clicking the "Delete" button on the IP connection list, confirmation dialog will be displayed.
  • When clicking the "Delete" button after you input the password for the log in account, IP connection will be deleted.