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Delivery priority

You can specify any mail header and set which mail should be prioritized for delivery.

Delay issues caused by campaign emails can be solve to prioritise emails of importance such as document request confirmation.

Checking the filter

  1. Login to management console and click the "server configuration" tab.

  2. Click the server configuration from the server configuration list.

  3. "Server settings" dialog will be displayed.

  4. Click the "delivery priority settings" menu.

    delivery priority list

  5. Default filters will be displayed in the list.

Adding a filter

  1. When you click the "add"button the new filter will be added.

    delivery priority filter(add)

  2. Below items will be displayed in the dialog.

    Items Required Description
    Filter Name Yes Input the name of this filter.
    Header Name Yes Input the name of the header that will be the operating condition for this filter.
    Pattern Yes Input the regex to evaluate the email header value.For more information please refer to filter
    Priority Yes Input the priority level that this filter will use. Please specify in the range of 1-99.
  3. When you click the "save" button,settings will be saved in management console.

Priority control

Customers Mail Cloud Can specify a delivery priority from 1 to 99, and email with large numbers will be delivered preferentially. Emails with no priority specified will be implicitly treated as priority 50.


Delivery priority is a function that prioritizes the delivery of a small amount of transactional mail that requires immediacy over mass delivery mail such as e-mail newsletters. If you set a priority for the e-mail newsletter, until the delivery of the high-priority e-mail newsletter is completed low-priority e-mail newsletters may not be delivered.

Editing the filter

  1. When you click the filter name editing dialog will be displayed.

    delivery priority filter(edit)

  2. After editing the items, click the "save" button.

Deleting the filter

  1. When you click the "delete" button on the list, confirmation dialog will be displayed.

  2. Input the password for this account and click "delete" to delete this filter.

Changing the priority level of filter

  1. The delivery priority filter is evaluated in the order of the list.

  2. Click the "↑" button in the list to raise the priority level of the filter.

  3. Click the "↓" button to lower the priority level.

    change priority level of the filter

Saving the settings

Settings will be saved when you click the "save" button or when transitioning to another setting screen (menu click, next button click, etc.)

Reflecting the settings

Settings will be enabled once they are reflected on the mail server. Once you finish saving all the settings including other settings to the management console,please do the reflect settings in the mail server.