API Reference

The functions required for email applications such as sending emails, managing the delivery status of emails, and managing sending errors are provided in the API.

Email Sending API

Provides an API that allows you to send bulk emails or single emails.

Provides a mechanism to send bulk mails by specifying a list of recipient addresses and the email body as parameters. You can also use the merge characters to create emails with different content for each destination address.

It also provides an API that allows you to easily send a single mail. You can send an email by using this API If external communication by SMTP is not possible due to restrictions of the ISP or cloud where the application is located.

Transactional Email API

You can operate the event data that occurs when sending an email using SMTP or API.


Performs an operations such as canceling the unsubsribing or referencing to automatically stopped e-mail address.


Performs an operation to search and refer to the e-mail address that delivery error occured.


Performs an operation that can search and refer to the email delivery status./


Performs an operation to refer to delivery statistics such as successful delivery and delivery error.


Perform an operation to search and refer to login logs and operation logs.


Webhook provides an interface to post events that occur when sending or receiving email to the specified endpoint via HTTP.


Receives an email, parses the data such as From, To, Subject, email body, etc. and sends it to the endpoint.


Detects changes in the status of email delivery and the delivery errors and sends them to the endpoint.